Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What does organic and natural mean?

Organic – grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides and other harmful chemical compounds.

Natural – does not contain artificial ingredients and artificial preservatives.

Will it also work as well for curly hair?

Yes it will.

Isn’t hair growth determined by genes?

Some scientist say yes and others say no. I say that unless you or your family members actively try to grow your hair long and thick, you will never know the possibilities. Cannot blame your genes if year after year you engage in poor hair practices.

I am pregnant, can I use it?

It is not recommended for use during pregnancy because of the presence of rosemary. Rosemary is thought to increase blood pressure, and may cause contractions

Can I use it under my wigs, weaves and extensions?

Yes, it is perfect for these. It will keep your scalp and hair moisturised and free from dandruff and itching.

Why does it get hard and require liquefying?

Our product is made with virgin coconut oil in its pure form. It is not altered in any way. This type of coconut will get solid at milder temperatures.

In order to liquefy your hair oil, just place the bottle in a bowl or mug of warm water. Plastic bottles should not be heated up in a microwave.

Can I use it on my permed hair?

Yes, your hair in particular will need quite a bit of this because permed hair looses moisture rapidly.

I have alopecia, will it grow my hair?

Yes, providing that you have no underlying scalp problems. A trichologist will undertake a scalp assessment to rule out any conditions which may be affecting hair growth; such as hair follicles being attacked.
Once these underlying conditions are addressed, usually with prescription drugs, then GrowAfro® can get to work.